Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Perfect Blue/ Pafekuto Buru1997 (Satoshi Kon) R-18 and YUME NARA SAMETE(2002)

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Genre: Animation
Disturbing psycho-thriller. (R-18)

Whew. I guess it's a good thing that I was warned about this movie. More than a couple of my friends told me its plot is not for the weak of heart so I watched it when I was floating on air(forgot the exact date, but I was "in love" THAT time).

This film was written by Sadayuki Murai from the novel by Yoshikazu Takeuchi, directed by Satoshi Kon.   Satoshi Kon is becoming one of my favorite directors.  I still say he did a good directorial job here, but is the story any good?

I felt Mima's pain...her loss of identity...her wanting to be real as real as she could be....she didn't like where destiny brought her to...she didn't need someone stalking her and forcing her to do stuff she didn't wanna do...she needed to find herself and be herself.

What about the music? Did I like it?

Yes. The music by Masahiro Ikumi made the audience feel every emotion all the characters felt.

Perfect Blue Original Sound Track

Would I watch it if real people were portraying the roles? I thought not at first. It was actually made into a film called YUME NARA SAMETE(If this is a dream, please wake me up) and I was not intending to watch it, but eventually I did(just this morning).
The Movie in Full with English Subtitles
NOT a remake at all, in MY opinion
I like Satoshi Kon's thriller BETTER 

The reason I wasn't disturbed that much with Satoshi Kon's film(1998...though some way 1997) was the comforting fact that it was animated. Yes, the scenes still looked graphically real, so real that I am certain that it is definitely not for kids...but the animation was "cute" enough to make me remember that it is ANIME and not real life.

When I watched the film YUME NARA SAMETE(2002), it turned out that the animated film feature is even more disturbing and disturbing as it is, it is much, much better.  

The actors in this live action feature as one website called it(I searched for the cast and came across that site), were good actors, but if I were the casting director, I would probably get other actors.

I cannot call this a remake.  It is much, much lighter...Still disturbing, but not that much.  You cannot really judge a film unless you've seen it.  So before you tell people not to watch something, especially kids, you should see the film yourself.  Otherwise, it would only be hearsay.

If I would rate this, it would still be restricted(R-18) because of the story.  There are many situations that could not be real, but unlike fairy tales(although I know a couple of people, probably more, that believe that fairy tales are real) that kids easily accept as fiction because you said so, kids or young teenagers would probably believe that situation between Horibe and Ai is real. It would be confusing.

Anyways, I must reiterate that I like Satoshi Kon's Pafekuto Buru/Perfect Blue(1997) than this one, but it's not that bad.

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