A Nation on Fire (Book Review)


Book cover design: Noli C. Galang

Back Cover photograph: Sonny Yabao

Published by: Icon Press Inc.

The king is dead. The so-called real winner of the past elections is dead. Will this nation ever find solace in her leaders? As this was brewing in my brain, a red book caught my eye: A NATION ON FIRE. I have seen this book several times before. It was the former Senator Francisco S. Tatad’s personal gift to my 
dad. I am familiar with his work and we had the book for quite sometime now, but somehow it was only now that I became really interested. 

I have been “involved” in Philippine politics ever since I was a kid. Sometimes it already sickens me. Yet, this book is a breath of fresh air. 

Tatad is very convincing. He makes the reader feel like he is part of the scenario of the impeachment trial and the aftermath. Pictures taken from the portfolio of Today and Pinoy Times were a great help, but even without them, Tatad makes the reader, well, me in particular, see what others did not see. 

Television, though more accessible, can only show as much as it could. 

From the Title, the subtitle, the choice quotes and references, one would easily see that the author knows what he is talking about.

Like me, the reader does not have to agree with everything that Tatad says, but A NATION ON FIRE is very TIMELY, indeed!

-Lara Mia Veronica

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