A Carnivore's Inquiry (Book Review)

I am a wide reader, but I never had the chance to read any work of Sabina Murray, winner of the 2003 PEN/Faulkner Award before I came across this book. The title was catchy: Carnivore’s Inquiry. Hmmm, it was very intriguing. Plus critics claiming she created an entirely new genre called ironic gothic made me more curious to what the content of this book was.

As I turned the pages I could now say that the characters were very offbeat, queer, funny and in a class of their own. The twenty-three year old European heroine, Katherine, was very charming, but poignant and disturbing at the same time. As Katherine narrates her life one would think that her being unbelievable was a flaw of Murray, but that was how she wanted Katherine to be...at first. Her 
peculiar appetite for the flesh is quite eerie. She even meditated on books, art, and history about cannibalism to motivate and console her after the ritualistic murders.

The book as a whole is quite astonishing, but very entertaining. Some parts were nail-biting experiences, but some were quite unnecessary. I also cannot say that I was given satisfactory answers to all the questions she asked. I was even disappointed that the ending was quite predictable. Still, I would rather you find out for yourselves. It is, after all, an immigrant’s view of attaining her American Dream.

--Lara Mia Veronica

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