The Space Between Us (2016) PG

Asa Butterfield as Gardner and Britt Robertson as Tulsa
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Side story:
Watching this movie was unplanned.  I just felt I needed to go out of the house for a while.  No.  I didn't stay in the house all day.  As a matter of fact, I arrived home after a heavy day and decided everything before cooking dinner for my folks.  
I called my Bestie and asked if she could accompany me.  I already planned to watch another movie with some other friends next week and yet another movie with my folks.  It was the "only" movie I could watch and the time was perfect...just before dinner! 
Thank goodness she was free and she was interested in watching this movie. 

Crazy me.   I just knew the title and the premise, but I didn't know who is in it and I call myself a researcher?  This was not the first time it happened, but somehow I wanted to watch this movie with a clean slate.   It turns out Bestie knew about the movie more than I did, but thankfully, she has not seen it yet(it started playing yesterday).  My parents were bushed, but before they decided to go back home instead of straight to Alabang or something, they let me check the movies and I saw a poster with an Astronaut and a young lady facing each other.  It doubled with something I've seen before, but before I could really "Google" it, my battery died.  The rest is...  ;-)

When the movie started I saw Gary Oldman and I think he was the only one familiar to me.  Janet Montgomery was somewhat familiar, but not really, but as the movie progressed I was able to see other familiar faces like Carla Gugino, Colin Egglefield, BD Wong and the young universal friends Tulsa (Britt Robertson) and Gardner(Asa Butterfield), who incidentally is the first child born in Mars with Earthlings as parents.

There were many scenes that made me incredulous because they were incredible, but hey, this is a science fiction film. (LOL)

Bestie "noticed" that more often than not, teenagers engage in sex on Hollywood films, and this was not an exception.

There were lots of "crimes" that were committed and Gardner took note of that, but if those things didn't happen, I don't think, unless they would be told by the person himself, they would ever learn  the "truth" if they didn't subject themselves to risks and sacrifices.

I fell in love with the movie as a whole and even chuckled when it was through, which baffled the people in front of us, but of course, my Bestie knew why I did. 

"Where you inspired?" She asked.

Crazy thought.

I don't think I would be able to write a science fiction screenplay, but who knows?  

I recommended the movie to my parents and I am now recommending this to the readers of this blog entry, if any.

Good day, everyone!

May we all receive PLEASANT surprises.  

Cheers and blessings!

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