Tuesday, June 9, 2015


A movie about decisions, integrity, doing the right thing and true love.  Definitely a must see!
The film tells the story Elise and Jojo, who started as young lovers but never made their relationship official.  Years passed, they meet again with Elise ready for a commitment, but only to find out Jojo is about to get married.  Elise then starts a new relationship with another man, which breaks the heart of Jojo who wants to win her heart again. -WWW
Director: Chris Martinez
Writer: Aloy Adlawan

Dennis Trillo
Maja Salvador
Richard Yap
Ellen Adarna
Melai Cantivero-Francisco
Jason Francisco
Zsa-Zsa Padilla
Snooky Serna
Lito Pimentel 
Joy Viado
Joshua Garcia
Nicco Manalo
Frances Ignacio

Definitely NOT a boring movie!
Watching this movie makes the audience feel that they are experiencing everything with the characters and they are not just mere spectators.  One becomes a friend, neighbor, classmate, fellow churchgoer, client and the list goes on.  For (almost?) two hours, you journey with them, struggle with them, get angry with them, cry with them, et cetera, et cetera.  Still, I must say, that this was a pleasant surprise for me and my folks.

The trailer wasn't bad or anything to that effect, but I must say it did not make us want to watch the movie.  Mom even raised an eyebrow because for some reason, Dennis Trillo was getting on her nerves.  Sometimes it's like that.  Even if a person's not doing anything to you, you feel some sort of animosity even if you could not pinpoint what has caused this.

What made us watch it then? The truth is, the only reason why we chose this movie is because I finally decided to use my complimentary passes from e-PLUS TAP to PAY and I could not use my passes at the Director's Club Cinemas.

A group of beautiful village neighbors that include Tita Elsa Espeleta, Tita May Sauler and Baby Girl Cruz just came from watching SAN ANDREAS and they, especially Tita Elsa, were convincing us to watch it because it's a beautiful movie.  The story is good, according to them, and we would surely love it. 

As much as possible, mom doesn't want to watch a disaster movie, but I am sure, since San Andreas was highly recommended, we would eventually watch it, so we went to the ticket sales booth to ask if this(You're Still the One) movie was on its 8th day or something. If not, then we would watch San Andreas today.  Amazingly, everyone was in a good mood.  With a smile they said I was qualified to use some passes.  I used two because dad lost his Free Movie Pass Booklet for Senior Citizens of ParaƱaque City. 

As we were sipping coffee at My Little Buttercup, we were wondering if we would like it or not.  Inside the movie house we were half expecting to see a cheesy chick flick, but we were relieved that it wasn't what we expected.

The story is beautiful and somewhat unpredictable.  I wanted to throw my shoes at Jojo(Dennis Trillo's character) several times because of all the wrong decisions and all his mundane actions, but even so, you would admire him too, because of his love for his mother(Zsa Zsa Padilla who convincingly played the role of a blind woman due to diabetes), among other reasons.

Maja's acting is seamless as Elise.  Maybe the way she said Vincent(Richard Yap's character who was a revelation here) was not music to one's ears, but she is a true thespian.   Dad questioned her sartorial sense.  She dressed well, but he wondered how she could afford it while she was a Public Defender.  I reasoned that her family was in Canada and they could've provided for her, then later on, she had other means for her expensive clothes.

Ellen Adarna, as Racquel, is really blossoming as an actress.  It's true, she had a lot steamy scenes here with Dennis Trillo, but she also acted the part so well.  I felt her character's pain, her insecurities and all that...to think she's such a beautiful and loving person(in the movie and probably in real life too).

I enjoyed watching Snooky and Lito Pimentel, as Elise's parents.  Needless to say, they play any part given them so well.   Snooky played the part of the overacting mother so well.  She was not overacting, she just did her part like the pro that she truly is.

Ina Raymundo's cameo was very memorable too.  She displayed such class.

Melai and Jason represented couples truly in love with each other, standing the test of time.  They were, rather, are, such naturals.

I also noticed the sorta kinda bit players like Manuel Chua(Jojo's business partner), Joshua Garcia(as Elise's younger brother), Joy Viado (as one of Elise and Jojo's professors), Frances Ignacio-Makil(as one of the Ombudsman's---I'm not really sure who she is there, but she was at the Ombudsman's party and I liked how she said,"You are very secretive, Elise.") and Nicco Manalo(as one of Jojo's friends).  It was as if they were not acting at all.  

The whole ensemble was chosen well.

I read somewhere(after watching the movie) that when Chris Martinez found out that the cast was final, he had to have heart-to-heart talks with the cast...if they are willing to do what the scriptwriter desires,  They were all willing to do everything for the sake of art and I must say, they truly delivered!

The movie is not without flaws, but they are all forgivable.  

I assure you, you would not regret watching this movie.  Basing on the title, you might already guess the ending, but how they get to their destination is something you might not expect. 

Congratulations, everyone.  I hope more people would be able to watch this film.

I guess Shania Twain's song is expensive, but this beautiful song suits the story well
Why do people fall in love
And they end up crying?
Why do lovers walk away from themselves
When their hearts are breaking?
Why does loving sometimes never stay long?
Why does kissing this time
Mean you'll be gone?
Why does gladness become sadness?
Things that I don't get
Someone's always saying goodbye
I believe it hurts when we cry
Don't we know partings never so easy?
And with all the achings inside
I believe some hearts won't survive
Trying hard to pretend
That we're gonna be fine
I could never really love
Someone else but you
I have never wanted anything else
But a love so true
But just like a dream
That comes in the night
In the morning you were out of my sight
Turned away from me
Sadly as I see
Away from where I stand
Someone's always saying goodbye
I believe it hurts when we cry
Don't we know partings never so easy
And with all the achings inside
I believe some hearts won't survive
Trying hard to pretend
That we're gonna be fine

Nerisa G. Cabral's Bukas Luluhod Ang Mga Tala (1984) Parental Guidance

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