The Trial 2014- R13 (Star Cinema)

"Phenomenal acting. Great story!"
"Ms. Gretchen Barretto earns our respect anew!" 
17 October 2014

There were many reasons why we were very apprehensive in watching this gem of a film.  We have two special people in heaven and we did not want to undergo the pain of losing them again. We have let them go, but we did not want to subject ourselves to something that would make us dig up their graves and summon the forces to make their earthy rotted bodies come alive and become the walking dead. I'm exaggerating, of course, but...

Another reason was the fact that I was not really fond of Gretchen Barretto.  Why? Let me keep that to myself, but please check what I think of her acting later.  

Those two, among other things, were stopping us from seeing this masterpiece, and I'm oh so grateful that we changed our minds.

The movie was seamless. Coincidences really happen in life because truth is truly stranger than fiction. Some people have panned the intertwining of the lives of the characters here, but it's what makes the movie special.

Yes, people could compare to John Lloyd Cruz to Gerald Anderson, but you must realize that their categories and mental ages are different.  John Lloyd did his role as an adolescent trapped in a 27-year-old man perfectly.  He deserves an acting award.

Richard Gomez, who is not only handsome here, but is convincing as well.  His eyes alone communicate to the audience and his co-stars.  His acting stirs up different emotions and people could empathize with him.   He is Julian Bien and Julian Bien is Richard Gomez.

Sylvia Sanchez, who is younger than me in real life(and she looks much beautiful and younger in person, I must say), plays someone older than her age and a lesbian at that.  She is Ron-ron's Father here and she too, like RG, is very always. :-)

Vincent de Jesus is one of the most versatile human beings existing in this world.  He is a chameleon who can play any role, sing any song, write any type of story, et cetera, et cetera.  Here, he plays the cross-dressing mother of Ron-ron.  He, pardon my choice of words, is damn good!

Jessy Mendiola has proven to the world that she beyond beautiful.  She is also a true thespian.  Yes, she may have mispronounced "plaque" during the UAAP 77 Cheerdance Competition, but hey, who doesn't make mistakes? All of us do.  Let's cut her some slack.  Anyways, she was brilliant here.  If she would continue to hone her craft, I am sure she would go places. Here, she plays Teacher Bessie, the object of Ron-ron's affection.  

Vivian Velez is an actress par excellence even in this movie.  She does not have to do much, but she ALWAYS delivers! Definitely a natural. 

Isay Alvarez is another one of those versatile actors.  She plays an annoying lawyer here in the payroll of the Syquias, one of the greatest benefactors of the school owned by Bessie's aunt.  

Benjamin Alves has gone a long way from being just Piolo Pascual's nephew.  He is an actor who can play good or bad characters.   He plays the very abusive rich boyfriend of Teacher Bessie, Paco Syquia, and the role suits him to a tee.

We cannot miss the candor and the professionalism of Mon Confiado and Joy Viado, who play husband and wife here.  Like all the other actors mentioned, they can play villains or good people. 

Enrique Gil plays Martin, Ron-ron's best friend.  He is my favorite young actor and as always, he does not disappoint.  Like Richard, who plays the role of his dad, his eyes alone already communicate.  I know, he still has a long way to go, but as early as now, he is already midway to the top.  

Everyone, from the bit players, to the judge and others did great, but you know who impressed me the most? Ms. Gretchen Barretto.  Gretchen, since 14 Going Steady, was already very good and through the years, she became better and better.  Unfortunately, something happened in 1992 that made me dislike her.  Because of that incident I did not watch MAGKARIBAL purposely. Her face looked fake and all that, but thankfully, because of PRINCESS AND I, little by little, I started respecting her again as an actress.  I finally watched Magkaribal this year via Jeepney TV and liked the story.  She looked much older than her supposedly step mother, but she still acted so well.  Even if I was starting to respect her again, I still couldn't stand her, because for me, she was so snotty and all that during interviews, but you know what, when I watched her here in THE TRIAL, everything that made me dislike her vanished into thin air.  She's really, really good here and I must say, her beauty is NOT fake.  I guess there's a reason why Mr. Boy Abunda adores her.  

Congratulations, Gretchen! I am now your fan again. :-)  (Alam ko naman na wala naman siyang pakialam, pero...)

Kudos to Ricky Lee,Enrico SantosChito Rono, the whole cast and crew(and Star Cinema, of course)!  May you all have more projects like this one.


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