Way Back Home 2011

  • Running time120 minutes

  • Before watching this movie I heard a lot people say that they couldn't imagine a person with Germanic features could be siblings with someone with Asian features.  Well, I have "news" for you. It's possible.  I know, because I belong to a family like that.  Maybe not my immediate family, but my mom's side of the family is like that. We have different features. Some look Spanish, some look like Germans, some look like Chinese and the list goes on. 

    Since the story was tailor-made for the new generation's Mara Clara teen stars, Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes, the casting director chose their parents to be Tonton Gutierrez and Agot Isidro.  Tonton could pass as Julia's dad and Agot could pass as Kathryn's mom. So there.  Problem solved. :-p  

    Sam Concepcion, Julia Montes, Jerry Lopez Sineneng, Agot Isidro, Kathryn Bernardo and Enrique Gil

    'Way Back Home' a tribute to AJ Perez

    There have been many stories with this theme.  A child gets lost, gets nurtured by loving strangers and feels at home with his or her foster family.

    One of my favorite stories has a similar theme: The Deep End of the Ocean.  It's one of the movies where the novel and the movie did not stray far away from each other, but the child of the main protagonist did.  Eventually, he found his way back home.

    Even if the theme is similar, the story is not the same. Three-year-old Ben was kidnapped, but little Joanna just could not find her big sister, Jessica, who got distracted because of her curiosity about turtles.

    I felt for Jessie because all through the twelve years when Joanna was missing, she felt unloved by her mom, even with all her over-achievements.  

    This movie, although a tearjerker, is a feel good movie.

    Yes, you can guess how their journey would end, but I assure you, you would still want to know how they would get there.

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