And I love you so (2009)

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And I Love You So is a 2009 Philippine romantic fantasy drama film produced by Star Cinema, starring Bea Alonzo, Sam Milby and Derek Ramsay. This film reunites Alonzo and Milby; the previous being Close to You (2006). The film is directed by Laurenti Dyogi, and celebrates the 16th year of Star Cinema films. The film describes the feeling of forbidden love for another person when that love may not be forbidden at all.- Wikipedia 

A Story about LOVE, LOSS, and LETTING GO.  I recommend this movie to people who could not accept the loss of their loved ones; to persons who cannot let go of the ones they love; to people who are unhealthily attached to people and things that remind them of those people; to people who need to move on, but can't; to EVERYONE.

It was a dream come true. LOL  Sam Milby was calling MY name.  He was shouting it while chasing...well, not me, but Bea Alonzo's character, Lara Cruz.  It was music to my ears hearing Sam saying my name.  LOL
I was not really a BIG BROTHER fan.   In fact, I was one of those who was trying to stop it to go on air. LOL

Long story, and I would rather not share it. I forgot what morning show it was, but Boy Abunda was there (probably Boy and Kris, but then again, maybe not). He was just ousted from the house and he was being interviewed because of that. Then he took his guitar, strummed, then sang. Wow.

Right there and then, I was a fan. Don't worry. I'm not under the illusion that I'm going to be his wife one day. He's way too young for me et cetera, et cetera. I just like him a lot and I know he'll make it big one day. 

Even if the rumors of his being gay are true, the admiration remains. Why should it matter? =) 

What did I think of the movie? 

I love how the story was weaved and the choice of the whole cast (kudos to the casting director). Candy Pangilinan was great as Paula. Her timing is impeccable and she is one of "my contemporaries" though slightly younger, that I admire a lot. The other one is Eugene Domingo.  

Derek was perfect as Oliver. Coney Reyes and Nikki Gil's roles are "dream in-laws". Even if there were times they "doubted" Lara (Bea Alonzo), they still loved her dearly, like their own flesh and blood. Coney and Nikki played their parts well. Almost everyone played their parts well, but I think I don't like Chris' "women"(the ones who only wanted that one thing), but I like Maricar Reyes because she really has honed her craft and her character had her own struggles and trials.

The MUSIC made me empathize and sympathize with the characters.  I also love the part when Chris strummed his guitar and sang "And I love you so" to Lara.  

DIRECTOR: Laurenti Dyogi- I've met the director ONCE. It was during the ABS-CBN Training Center's HOLLYWOOD PROFESSIONALS COME to MANILA in 1996. Yet, even before that, I was already a fan. I liked the way he directed ANG TV and boy, he is handsome too. Still, it's not as a demented fan that I admire him. I think he's related to my Tita Pier's(may she rest in peace) husband/widower,  because besides having the same last name, there is also a striking resemblance. Anyways, he's a great director.  I hope he will be given more projects.

(5 being the highest)

For the story and the humanity factor, I give it 5 stars. For the cast and main characters, I give it 5 stars. For Chris' women, I give it 3 stars.  For the sense of humor, I give it 4 stars.  For the logical dialogue, I give it 4.5 stars.  For the "wala lang" factor, I give it 5 stars. For the "struggle"/ conscience factor 4 stars.  For the magic 8 ball 0 stars.  For the reality factor 4 stars.  Anyways, I still HIGHLY recommend it. Please watch it. The story was written by Vanessa Valdez (she also wrote Bea’s other hit movie “One More Chance” and KC Concepcion's "For the First Time"---I love both of those movies) and Jacqueline "Jacqui" Franquelli. 

Starring: Derek Ramsay, Sam Milby and Bea Alonzo Directed by: Laurenti Dyogi 

Started showing in Philippine Theaters on August 12, 2009 

Lara and Chris

And I Love You So official website at 

Directed by Laurenti M. Dyogi

Written by  Vanessa Valdez and Jacqueline Franquelli


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