Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Shinobi Shadow Warriors: Heart Under Blade (2005)

Genre:Action & Adventure

Memorable lines:
  • ...it is only in dreams that we can be married...."

  • "...but now it is different...even if it is only a fleeting dream I am happy"

  • "...upon meeting you for the first time I knew the joy of living as a man... "

  • Star-crossed lovers. Family wars. Shadow Arts. Ninja. 

    Set in 1614 Oboro and Gen-no-suke meet by accident at a river near the waterfalls and it seems like it is love at first sight. [I remember the characters of Noah (Jay-jay) and Laica (Ulay) when their eyes change colors (characters of a Filipino Tele-Serye or Prime Time Drama Series called Lobo "wolf"....werewolf, to be exact...the feud of the Wayas and the Lunas)] 

    It is a story about love, sacrifices and the choices one makes...standing firm in every decision...seeing the BIGGER picture...the grander plan. I was moved by each scene...their struggles... I even cried! (don't worry guys, it's still action packed!) Jô Odagiri (or Joe Odagiri) as Kouga Gen-no-suke didn't even have to speak...his movements...his eyes...they said it all. 

    Yukie Nakama is not only a pretty face, she's also a great actress and she really immersed into her role as Oboro(), which means haze.

    I love Kenya Hirata's screenplay. The change of scenery. The dialogue. I haven't read any translated versions of the novel "Kouga Ninpouchou" written by Futuro Yamada so I really wouldn't know if he was satisfied with the movie version. It has an anime version too and I've only seen the music videos. I saw that there is a game about Shinobi too and honestly, I don't have that either. 

    My friend Kristen was kind enough to lend me this movie and I've seen Shinobi no mono so I was excited to watch this. I also watched it in Veoh because I liked it so much. The original music by Tarô Iwashiro was memorable. The cinematography by Masasai Chikamori was stupendous. Needless to say, the direction by Ten Shimoyama was very, very admirable. The interweaving of the scenes visualized the screenplay. The colors...the pain...the fight scenes...the costumes.... I could go on and on and on. I love this movie. Kudos to the cast and crew. You are one great team!

    Applause. Applause!

    Produced by Nozomu Enoki
    Original Music by Tarô Iwashiro
    Cinematography by Masasai Chikamori
    Film Editing by Isao Kawase
    Production Design by Toshihiro Isomi
    Art Department Akihiro Yamada .... concept artist
    Sound Department Hajime Suzuki .... sound recordist
    Special Effects by Takashi Oda .... dummy effects
    Visual Effects by Shûji Asano .... visual effects producer
    Hiroyuki Hayashi .... visual effects director
    Chieko Kurokawa .... digital compositor: Imagica
    Jun Yokoishi .... digital technical supervisor

    This movie won four awards:
    Kinema Junpo Awards
    2006WonKinema Junpo AwardBest Actor
    Jô Odagiri
    Also for Operetta tanuki goten (2005), Mezon do Himiko (2005) and Scrap Heaven (2005).
    Best New Actress
    Erika Sawajiri
    Also for Ashura-jô no hitomi (2005) and Pacchigi! (2004).
    Yokohama Film Festival
    2006WonFestival PrizeBest Actor
    Jô Odagiri
    Also for Scrap Heaven (2005), Operetta tanuki goten (2005) and Mezon do Himiko (2005).
    Best New Talent
    Erika Sawajiri
    Also for Ashura-jô no hitomi (2005) and Pacchigi! (2004).

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