YOU ARE THE ONE (song lyrics and video at the bottom) 2006

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What made me watch this film? 

The trailer! It was beautifully made...It tickled my fancy...Sheesh. I was waiting for this movie to show a month ago and finally, we were able to watch it!

We nearly lost RJ several times already and every moment spent with him is cherished. I know people might not understand how much I love my brother, but that's just it...I do!

One week before watching the movie, we prepped him not to walk out. He walked out on HITCH(mom and I had to talk had ourselved stamped, brought him home then watched the movie again---we love it), MADAGASCAR(I still don't get why he didn't like this film), DON'T GIVE UP ON US(Judy Ann Santos and Piolo Pascual---mom joined him and I had to finish the movie alone) and I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU when Cecille, Angel Locsin's role, Cecille, ran away from Andrew, her groom played by James Blanco to be with Justin(Richard Gutierrez).

We prayed hard that he would finish this film like he did with Say that You Love Me, Let the Love Begin, CARS, Mulawin the Movie, Can this be Love? etc.

So when the day came, we were really, really hoping that he wouldn't walk out. Thank God, he didn't. He was even smiling all through out. He evidently had cheap thrills with Sam (Will) and Toni's (Sally) special moments.

Why am I only giving it a four if I liked it so much? Well, I'm giving it a four only because it's not a movie that will make you make a monumental or momentous change in your life even if it's a movie EVERYONE can relate to.

The plot

Sally Malasmas (Toni Gonzaga) is a young woman with a good sense of humor and a positive outlook in life. She's a model employee and a dutiful daughter. She is very apprehensive to go the US, but because of her family, she still applied for a US VISA. There, she meets Will Derby(Sam Milby) who thinks she's just making up sob stories to get a visa. He doesn't believe that Sally has any intentions of going back to the Philippines. He denies her visa.

Will is prodded by his adoptive parents to look for his biological family to make him COMPLETE (so Centrum!) He grew up being the only brown colored boy in a quaint town in the US (somewhere in North Dakota). He always felt lost and alone, but he was afraid to know the answers.

One day, he goes to the NSO (National Statistics Office). Who does he find there? Sally, who else? Yet, he doesn't remember her.

Sally on the other hand, remembered him (of course, it only happened THE DAY BEFORE). She deliberately made him wait until closing.

Sally's boss scolds Sally (it is shown that Sally is a model employee...lots of pictures on the wall). He makes Sally help Will find his "friend's parents".  Eventually, they do.

Before I tell everything here, I'll just stop.


"Review"(well, not really):

There were many magical moments...the cinematography wasn't anything spectacular, but it was good. Toni Gonzaga really is a versatile actress. She can make people laugh, cry , get angry and so much more.

Sam Milby's eyes are is his smile! He also knows how to, if he can only speak straight Tagalog, he can be an award winning actor. I can sense that since he's so eager to learn, it will only take a little while.

Jodi Sta. Maria is perfect as Chary, Sally's older sister. All her life, Sally compared herself to her. She's jealous of her. I like "Chary's" lines. They weren't cheesy...well, not so much.

Eugene Domingo(she's such a talented person) and Gio Alvarez were great side kicks. Of course, Anita Linda was superb!

I like the casting director...maybe except for the fact that I don't really see the resemblance of Myra Garcia to "Vernard" Garcia... (you've got to see the movie to understand)

The plot is nothing new, but it's cute!

Ergo, it's a feel good movie, yet, it's worth the money!

Artists: Sam Milby and Toni Gonzaga
Album: N/A (2006)
Song: You Are The One
Country: Philippines

You Are The One
Another day passes by, I'm dreamin' of you,
And though I know it might be just a dream, dreams come true,
Somewhere, somehow I'll find you even though it takes all of
My life (all of my life)

And when I finally do (and when I finally do)
I know inside my heart (I know inside my heart)
That there could be no doubt, I knew it from the start

(You are the one)you are the one
That I've been searching for my whole life through,
(You are the one)you are the one that I've been looking for
And now that I have found you,
(Duet)I'll never let you go, I'll hold you in my arms
You are the one

Another night spent alone
I'm lying in the dark(lying in the dark)
I don't know your name
But I know your voice sings to my heart(voice sings to my heart)
A sweet melody, a symphony of love

I know that come one day(I know that come one day)
I time for you and me(a time for you and me)
To finally be together, cause I know we're meant to be
(Repeat cho. except last sentence)

Forever's a meaningless word
Even though you're here with me
Here by my side, here in my heart

(Duet) I'll never let you go I'll hold you in my arms

(You are the one) you are the one that I've been searching for my whole life through
(You are the one)that I've been looking for and now that I have found you
(Duet) I'll never let you go, I'll hold you in my arms
(Repeat 1)

Cause you are the one, you are the one
Trailer embedded on October 23, 2017

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