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Die Beautiful(R-13)/Oro(PG, but should be R-13 too)/Ang Babae sa Septic Tank2(PG)

I upadted my thoughts on ORO after reading the PAWS official Statement and after learning that there were two casualties.  People filmed and watched the incident as if nothing happened.  I am sad because it's a beautiful movie and they could have really used old documents/footages regarding these rituals instead of doing the "actual killing" during the movie.  No wonder they could not put a disclaimer that no animal was harmed while filming.  Not only that, I repeat, there were two(2) casualties...It's sickening to the stomach.  It's really a pity because the actors did their best and not everyone is guilty...what was Alvin Yapan thinking?????? Poor miners.  How could they get their justice if everything's sidetracked because of this wrong decision.  According to Director Mark A. Reyes V, the goal is to look authentic and not be authentic.
I want to watch EVERYTHING!

All Trisha ever wanted was to  be accepted for who she is, especially by her father, and to be a beauty queen.  She said if ever she becomes one, she could die and go to heaven at once.  If ever that happens, she should have a week long wake with different personas each day. Her best friend Barbs, made it happen.

Commercenter, Cinema 3, December 26

Whenever I speak about a play, a musical, a teleserye, a movie or whatever kind of "thing" that showcases the stories of transgenders or homosexuals in a positive light, people would ask me if I too am gay.  Well, I definitely am not gay.  I know how to appreciate beautiful women, but I would prefer a man to be a lifetime partner or to have a healthy relationship with.  Still, I believe most of them, if not all, deserve to be recognized, respected, accepted and loved.  They are human beings and not animals. Yes, Sodom and Gomorrah happened, creating the Dead Sea, but I believe in my heart that those people are rapists and perverts.  They even wanted to have sex with the angels.  Crazy.  There those who couldn't help it.  They were born "that way", just like Tricia/Trisha and her friends.

DIE BEAUTIFUL tackles many issues more than just homosexuality alone.  It talks about family, gang rape, relationships of almost every kind, love and true friendship.

Tricia/Trisha's, as played by Paolo Ballesteros, ultimate dream was to win a crown and once she gets it, she said she "could die" already.

Somehow, that wish was granted, but she had another wish.  To have a one week wake and she should look different everyday.  Barbs, as played by Christian Bables, who is straight in real life(among Trisha's friends, it is only IC Mendoza, the one who plays Paola, who is gay in real life---Cedric Juan, who plays Erica, is straight too, and you will see how versatile he is if you watch Oro), granted that wish.  Barbs is a true friend even beyond death.  She should be emulated by many.

There are many heartstrings that were pulled.  I was deeply touched with Tricia/Trisha's relationship with his sister, as played by Gladys Reyes.  It sort of alleviated the pain of unacceptance of their father(Joel Torre) of Patrick's true personality and character.  

Albie Casiño plays Trisha's first crush who eventually crushed her.  How?  Just watch the movie please.

There are also many versatile actors that had cameos and supporting roles that were vital to the story like Eugene Domingo, Luis Alandy, Lou Veloso, Iza Calzado, Mel Martinez and so many others.

Inah Estrada, who is credited in this movie as Inah De Belen, acted well, but I believe the little girl, Faye Alhambra, who played the younger Shirley May a.k.a. Adora, is also someone to watch out for.   She was so feisty and vibrant.  What happened to her when she grew up?  Oh, that BeauCon fever marred their relationship.

In toto, this movie is worth every centavo and more.

Mabuhay kayong lahat!


Oro is the story of a poor village in Bicol whose inhabitants eke out meager existences through their involvement in the island’s gold mining industry. Featuring Joem Bascon as Elmer and Mercedes Cabral as his girlfriend Linda, Oro is based on the murders of four miners supposedly carried out by a known environmentalist group. Shot in the actual village involved, and shedding light on the little-discussed issue, the film soars on the power of its stars, including Irma Adlwan, who is a standout in her powerful turn as the village’s barangay captain.- Oro MMFF2016 FB Page

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I wanted to believe that ORO is not promoting the killing of dogs. I really hoped so.  If a dog was really killed for the purpose of the movie, then I would go on protest too.  According to my friend that was an old footage/documentation of what really happened somewhere out there in the past(real dog killers)...that the dog actor is alive and well. 

The point of the movie was that people were treated lower than animals. They want justice for the miners that were massacred. 

I said to myself that if ORO was a promoter of Dog killing, then they would have probably killed Chichi, the dog of Mrs. Razon, even if the dog is adorable.

The case is under investigation.  There have been contradicting statements...some said it was a footage of a cultural ritual in the island...some said it was a goat with prosthetics...some said it was the actual thing...that the dog was bought for "that purpose".

The thing is there's no disclaimer that no animal was harmed during the filming of the movie and a lot of people proved that it really happened. 

Even if I don't have pet dogs now, I grew up with pet dogs and the only reason we don't have one now is because mom really cried hard when our last dog died. So I really hoped that it really "didn't" happen, but it did.   There are two casualties and not one

As I was listening to Lisa D. Seguerra, I wondered to myself why they gave the movie a PG rating if she was deeply affected by the scene(I know this is the reponsibility of the MTRCB), even if they claimed a goat was killed.  Even if a goat is not a lesser animal, it is one of those "allowed" by the law to be slaughtered (on film).  Dogs are sentient beings and are very loyal, so it is prohibited, cultural or not, to slaughter dogs.  Sigh.  

NO TO DOG KILLING! (PAWS official statement)

Cinema 1 SM Sucat,  December 27, Block Screening 

When the "dog killing" was thought to be only cinematic, these were my thoughts:

Caramoan is one of the most beautiful islands in the world and it is found in Camarines Sur, Bicol.  If you are not aware of what transpired a couple of years back, you would never imagine what the townsfolk experienced in that beautiful place.

If Die Beautiful brought out all sorts of emotions and pulled a lot of heartstrings, this one did too, but rage is magnified.

Before I go on, may I just say that I have only one complaint about this film.  It's allowing kids to enter as long as they have parents with them.  There are many disturbing scenes that even adults can't handle.  There are many scenes that can traumatize little children.  Yes, they need to be socially aware, but this is not the vehicle to bring them that social awareness.

With that off my chest, I have nothing, but accolades for this movie.  From the acting of the littlest extras, to the big stars like Irma Adlawan, Joem Bascon, Mercedes Cabral and Biboy Ramirez, who is making a comeback through this film.  The direction is almost seamless.  The cinematography seems expensive...

I have read about this, but I didn't know the magnitude of their plight.  The script...what could I say about the script?  Yes, there were fictionalized parts for cinematic effects and protection of the innocent, but it is real as real could be.

If animals have their rights and should be protected, humans, who are not animals, should be protected and cared for.  

For those who have seen MOANA, this is also about an island filled with people who know everybody, but unlike Moana's island,  a bunch of environmental rights power trippers arrive to disturb their peace and treat the inhabitants worse than how they treat animals.

There is no dull moment in this movie.  The script and the direction are both great.  Every nation should see it, but first, people of this country should be the first to see this.

Things like what happened in that island happens all over and people are not doing anything about it.  Thanks to an overstaying, but loving Kapitana and the sacrificial lambs, people are made aware of the sickening plight of townfolks who were just doing fine in their own little world and then scary aliens arrive, because they were welcomed by a greedy neighbor.


There were many "traumatic" scenes, yes, but there are many beautiful scenes too.

True love exists.

Mercedes Cabral and Joem Bascon are believably in love in this film.  Their eyes alone convey millions of messages.  Irma Adlawan even got the mannerisms of the now famous Kapitana.  She doesn't need to act at all. In the whole duration of the film, she IS Kapitana.


The families of the victims who played "extras" are laudable as well.  They are naturals.  Maybe "all they need to do" was to remember the plight of their massacred loved ones and their own fate too.


Small scale miners who do not ruin nature should not be bullied, but they were more than bullied.  They were massacred.  


This is a true guns, goons and gold story, but not all that glitters is gold, as pointed out by Elmer to his young recruit called Boy. As the logline mentions:  When nature becomes an excuse for violence, everything that is gold turns into blood.

Imagine, as pointed out by Biboy Ramirez's character called Lando, the rebels(those with just causes) and the terrorists(those who think they have just causes and in the process they hurt people) used to go on top of the mountain to hide because they were afraid that the people in power might do something bad to them, but now, the world has turned.  They are not only very much present in society, but in broad daylight, they terrorize the people from the lowlands, in #Oro 's case, in the name of caring for the environment.

I suggest that this be shown in social awareness classes in schools.  Make the students(12/13 years old or older) write reaction papers or something.  This should be seen not only in the whole archipelago.  Everyone who is old in enough in the world should be able to watch this.

Kudos to the production staff, cast and crew!

(To make you imagine how wonderful this movie is in spite and despite the banalities, besides applauding when the movie ended, I was compelled to hug the producer and to ask Biboy Ramirez if he was going to go mainstream acting again.)

SAYANG TALAGA...sana old footage ng investigative journalists ang ginamit nila.  ðŸ’¢ðŸ’¢ðŸ’¢ðŸ’¢ðŸ’¢ðŸ’¢ðŸ’¢ðŸ’¢ðŸ’¢ðŸ’¢ðŸ’¢ðŸ’¢

December 30, Cinema 2, SM Southmall

"It's just a suggestion.  After all, your the director and I'm only an actress!" -The Fictitious version of Ms. Eugene Domingo (Paraphrased)

Eugene prepares for her comeback vehicle after a long sabbatical from movie making. Rainier proposes "The Itinerary," a heartbreaking anatomy of a crumbling marriage as told through a couple's trip to Baguio, their former honeymoon location. Eugene Domingo is excited by the project but she has other ideas in mind. In the film within the film, we see Eugene's absurd suggestions and recommendations changing Rainier's script by employing the poetic of the Pinoy romantic comedy genre into what is supposedly a realistic portrayal of love and marriage.  Written by akosijesu(imdb)

Joel Torre, Ms. Eugene Domingo and Jericho Rosales
Cesar, Romina and Cesar

The "cinematic" version of Ms. Eugene Domingo is so annoying and shallow, so far from the very intelligent, wise, kind and considerate person that she truly is.  Playing the annoying version of herself proves that she is truly a very versatile actor.

I love the fact that her co-stars were all "game".  Mr. Joel Torre allowed himself to be insulted and Jericho kissed Ms. Eugene like he's truly in love with her when in fact he is in love with his wife, Kim.  Even Bb. Joyce Bernal, Ms. Agot Isidro and Inigo Pascual were good sports.

At first you would be truly annoyed, but later you will be immersed in the story...there are funny parts and there are a few sad moments...there are a lot of annoyingly funny scenes too.  Chris Martinez, what a great screenplay.  Kudos to you, Marlon Rivera, the cast and the crew.

Oh, and during the whole movie you will wonder why this movie is called Ang Babae sa Septic Tank2 and NOT "The Itinerary".   LOL

I shouted, "¡Merece!"  in the end.  

God willing, I would be able to watch every MMFF2016 movie. 

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