Awit ng Pilipino Alay ng Magdalo


The Dental Diva-Ms. Kakai Bautista (aka Cacai Bautista)
Scientist/Singer/Actor- Jeffrey Hidalgo
Sultry R & B Queen- Ms.Arnee Hidalgo
Voice Kids Qualifier- Sam Shoaf---of course, he's a kid so he has a long way to go, but I sense that he will be something like Gary V in the future---a TOTAL PERFORMER.

The matinee idols during "my time"- OPM Hitmen(all of their songs were great hits):  Richard Reynoso(a very talented singer/actor who was once linked with Ms. Lea Salonga---he is now happily married to his beautiful wife and has two wonderful kids---Tagalog---from Makati), Chad Borja(a cancer survivor through healthy living---he is also happily married to the beautiful Emy and they have two very talented daughters---Davao based Cebuano), Rannie Raymundo(singer/composer of my favorite song of all time---blissfully married to Chary Rivera, dad of Regina and the older brother of Lance---Ilonggo) and Renz Verano(we love his husky voice---he is now also a thespian and is also happily married---Ilocano)   Yes, yes, yes.  We're about the same age.    

The seats were sold out(according to the Music Museum staff), but the others just decided to give a donation...the others were sooooo late that the spirited hosts: Mr. Carlo Lorenzo and Ms Lyn Tamayo​, broke the ice with a Trivial Pursuit sorta kinda the reverse of Jeopardy type of game(all about the Senator).

We FULLY support the Senator, win or lose.  True, like during the times he ran for senator, we did not expect him to win, but he did anyway.  I know the VP race is different.  If he is not fortunate enough to win, I pray that Leni Robredo would win.  
That's the truth, but our votes are promised to him and we will definitely vote for him.  I know people think he is so arrogant and all that :('s probably true, but there is more to him than that. He is great son, husband, brother, father and friend.   He is also the most productive senator and very disciplined at that.  I will pray fervently that people would really know that he is really brilliant and he truly has a very caring heart.

I am for K to 12 and all that.  The private schools are doing fine.  Some have been practicing this even a long, long time ago(adding to Kinder and Prep levels), but the public schools are not yet ready.  Some are saying, "If not now, when?  We are so behind!"

He is not really against it.  He just wants further study and preparation.

Official Website

Peace on earth!

Just some observations regarding the concert:
When I saw the list of artists, I thought all of them were going to vote for him, but Hidalgos were clear that their father would definitely vote for him.

Anyways, we had a lot of fun.  The artists were well chosen.  I found Kakai deserving of the title diva.  We can detach the word "dental" because she is a wonderful performer.  She is alluring in her own right and her voice is very powerful.

The Hidalgos are very talented, but I think they wouldn't mind me saying that Sam Shoaf outshone his mom and his uncle.  They were beaming with pride anyways.

The OPM Hitmen, people from my era(as if we are that old), brought the house down.  

Their voices are still very melodious, they are funny and they dance well.  We had a lot of laughs and I'm glad that they sang songs that are very familiar to me.  

When the concert was about to end, people were still craving for more.

Here are some pictures of the event:

 Loyal Supporters of Magdalo
Win or lose, he's our man
Mr. Richard Reynoso and my mom

 Bravo!  The wonderfully spirited hosts, Mr. Carlo Lorenzo and Ms Lyn Tamayo

Magdalo Representative Ashley "Ace" Acedillo

 Magdalo Representative Gary Alejano
 Kakai Bautista is so awesome!
 Kakai and her "future beau"  (Of course, it was in jest, but stranger things have happened in life)
 The audience was captivated with her voice
 Sam Shoaf and his mom, Arnee Hidalgo
 Senator Antonio "Sonny" Trillanes IV
 This young man would go places one day
 Sam performing with his uncle and his mom
 Everyone enjoyed every moment

 Mr. Jeffrey Hidalgo
 Ms. Arnee Hidalgo
The OPM Hitmen

Mom with Mrs. Arlene Trillanes(The Senator's wife and mistah)

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