The Oranges (2011)

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MPAA Rating: R
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In conservative West Orange, New Jersey, the Ostroff and Walling families are very close. David Walling and Terry Ostroff are inseparable best friends and run together everyday. David has problems with his wife, Paige. He frequently sleeps alone in his office. Their daughter, Vanessa, is frustrated because she has not succeeded in her career as a designer. Their son, Toby, is moving to China on a temporary assignment. Terry's wife, Cathy, ignores him. Their daughter Nina moved to San Francisco five years ago. Near Thanksgiving, Nina's boyfriend Ethan betrays her at his birthday party and Nina returns to her parents house. Nina argues with her mother and draws closer to David. Soon they have an affair and fall in love, turning the lives of the people close to them upside- down.  Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

When I first watched this movie I thought this movie was the visualization of Lauren Christie's VANESSA'S FATHER where Vanessa's best friend had an affair with her father when they were both fifteen(15) then later on in life, probably when she and her best friend were eighteen or much, much older, her father married her best friend.   A few minutes into the movie, I knew I was wrong.  Very, very wrong.  The only thing similar is that it is indeed a story of a certain Vanessa(Alia Shawkat) who is also the narrator, her childhood best friend called Nina(Leighton Meester) and her father, David(Hugh Laurie).

It is quite obvious that Nina and David really love each other, but since their love has wreaked havoc in the lives of their families and neighborhood, Nina's decision in the end is rather admirable...for the greater good of their respective families, and probably mankind as well.  

You may consider the lines above a spoiler, but there is still much to the story that I have left out.

"This is not a relationship that's meant to be lusty and inappropriate. It is a connection that the two of them have felt probably for some time; they've just never acted on it. He brings out the adult, grown, mature, developed side of her, and she brings out the free-spirited, happy-go-lucky kid in him."

— Meester on David and Nina's relationship

Leighton Meester and Hugh Laurie, for one reason or another, have great chemistry.   This is their second time to be linked together.   The truth is, at first I said, "Why Hugh Laurie?"(I know Hugh Laurie fans would probably kill me for merely thinking that).  I never understood it in HOUSE MD(and I'm not just talking about Leighton's guesting, but the rest of those who were so thrilled just to be near the crazy doctor), but at least he looked clean shaven here.   After being immersed in the story, I understood.  He is indeed sexy and lovable.
Jeanne McCarthy, the casting director, did a very good job and so did the screenwriters(Ian Helfer and Jay Reiss), even if it was "open-ended".  I think I also want to congratulate the whole cast and crew, most especially the director, Mr. Julian Farino.
It's probably not the best story ever written, but it was good.  It was easy to watch and I think I'm going to watch it again.

Like what Vanessa said in the end, things that happened needed to happen, even for her.

Nina and David




  (screenplay),  (screenplay)

From Wikipedia:

The Wallings

The Ostroffs


  • Sam Rosen as Ethan
  • Tim Guinee as Roger
  • Cassidy Gard as Samantha
  • Heidi Kristoffer as Meredith
  • Jennifer Bronstein as Amy
  • Stephen Badalamenti as Taxi Driver
  • John Srednicki as Waiter
  • Rachel Gittler as Rave Dancer (uncredited)
  • Taylor Clarke-Pepper as Dog Walker (uncredited)
  • Steven T. Jenkins as Standing Man (uncredited)
  • Gibbins von Hammerschmidt as The Silently Gawking Man (uncredited)
  • Jillian C. Williams as Fat Sad Woman (uncredited)
  • Vivica A. Section as Frightening Pediatrician (uncredited)


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