Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Rebound (2009) and The Spy Next Door (2010)

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Enjoying The REBOUND was a pleasant surprise because I hated the trailer. 

The woman's my age (played by Catherine Zeta-Jones), and the guy's fifteen and a half years younger than she was...or should I say "is"?  In medieval times, and even up to now, that age difference could work if the guy's much older because women are scientifically proven to mature faster than men.

Even if my choice in men has nothing to do with age or his place in society or even his nationality, I would prefer an older guy, but if ever a younger guy comes along and falls in love with me(and vice-versa), the farthest I'll go will be something like ten(10) years younger.  Even if I'm attracted to the likes of Sam Milby (yes, he might be gay) who is just slightly older than Justin Bartha, it will remain just attraction.

Justin Bartha's not even cute in my eyes and as "the nanny" of her kids, he was not really "a good example" basing on the trailer.

I promised myself not to watch it if I had other choices.  Yet last Wednesday, I had no choice.  We were in Shang-Plaza and during the time we were there, the only "matino" movie was The Rebound, which was shown at the premiere theater.


Good thing RJ had a disability discount because "I" wouldn't want to "waste" more money on this drat of a movie.

So I thought.

Maybe not everyone would agree with me, but I love the way the story was weaved.

I won't say anything more, because I don't want to give spoilers (but if you don't mind spoilers, click this...), but I must say, it is a movie worth your time and money.

After watching the movie, I still won't go for guys fifteen years younger, but I understand their situation PERFECTLY.

From Wikipedia:

The Rebound is a 2009 United States of American romantic comedy film directed by Bart Freundlich, starring Catherine Zeta-Jones and Justin Bartha. It was released in theaters in several countries in late 2009.

Directed byBart Freundlich
Produced byBart Freundlich
Mark Gill
Robert Katz
Tim Perrell
Screenplay byBart Freundlich

Aram the nanny and the kids

How many movies were shown where tough guys became nannies or teachers or whatever?

Some of the ones that I've seen are:
1. Kindergarten Cop (Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger) 1990
2. The Pacifier (Vin Diesel) 2005
3. Mr. Nanny (Hulk Hogan) 1993
and now, Jackie Chan as THE SPY NEXT DOOR

OK, it's not a brilliant movie.  I honestly liked Vin Diesel's THE PACIFIER more, but I enjoyed it.

As a Jackie Chan fan, I hoped to see more of his antics and his movements, but I was a tad disappointed.  I had to remind myself, "Hey, it's a kiddie film!"

I don't understand the Films ratings board in this country.  They can make NEW MOON and Harry Potter general patronage (with all the dark arts, werewolves, and vampires), but a film obviously downgraded for a younger audience, PG 13.

They even made Vic Sotto's ANG DARLING KONG ASWANG General Patronage. Come on! They should've at least made it Parental Guidance.

Do they really REVIEW the films or do they say, "Ah, Harry Potter is read by children worldwide so..." ??????

Hey, I read the books and I watch the movies, even if the church or the whole Christendom have mixed thoughts on the acceptability of the film, but let's get real. The latter Harry Potter movies should be rated as Parental Guidance(let's just pray they would fix the ratings for the last installments), at the very least.  There are a lot of disturbing things that could scare little children.  Same goes with NEW MOON.  It's definitely NOT a kiddie film.

Back to the SPY NEXT DOOR, I enjoyed it, but I did not expect it to have a love angle between the mother and Jackie Chan's role.   Yes, the State University had "odd couples" too, so I guess there "could" be some chemistry there, but...

Plus, it was implied that he tossed the little four year old girl high up to the second story just to dress her up...goodness!  Even if I'm not a REAL mother(well, I have an adopted daughter, but not legally), I wouldn't wanna think of my daughter being thrown into the air by a grown man...besides, the kid could have had a heart attack.

Notwithstanding that,  if you just wanna have a good laugh at the silliness of the villains and some other scenes, go watch it. You can enjoy it with the whole family.

From Wikipedia:

The Spy Next Door is a 2010 American spy comedy family film directed byBrian Levant, and starring Jackie ChanAmber VallettaMadeline Carroll,Will ShadleyAlina FoleyMagnús SchevingBilly Ray Cyrus and George Lopez. Filming started in late October 2008 in Rio RanchoNew Mexico and was finished in late December 2008. The film was released on January 15, 2010 in the United States. .
Directed byBrian Levant
Produced byRobert Simonds
Screenplay by
Story by

Nerisa G. Cabral's Bukas Luluhod Ang Mga Tala (1984) Parental Guidance

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